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Water Hammer Eliminator (HA)
Product Code:  HA
  • Completely Automatic
  • Acts Within 2/100th of a Second
  • Stainless Steel Materials Ensure Water Purity
  • Tremendous Space Saving
  • Fail Safe Water Hammer Prevention
  • Extraordinary Cost Savings
Basic Applications:

The Water Hammer Eliminator, the key component of the HA Unit, was engineered for use in high rise buildings to eliminate the back pressure of water hammering caused by the stopping of booster and transfer pumps. It can be widely used for the piping systems in industrial plants, high rises, water supply systems and hospitals.
Product Description:

The HA Unit can successfully eliminate the noise of water hammering by releasing extra pressure to protect pipes, pumps, valves, fittings, and other equipment from damage. The HA Unit automatically relieves pressure from the water system by discharging water to the atmosphere. When a pressure differential of 0.2 bars is detected between the HA Unit's check valve chamber and the relief valve, the unit starts to discharge water within 2/100 of a sec until the downstream pressure becomes equal to upstream pressure.
Due to the nature of its operation, the HA is much more durable than conventional water hammer arrestors. Additionally, there is no need for extensive calculations of water volume or pipe size/length before installation. Its effectiveness replaces the need for several pressure tanks, allowing a great savings on space in the pump room. The HA continues to operate even after its corresponding check valve has been damaged.
Nominal Size:
HA : 20mm(3/4inch), 50mm(2inch) 
HA UNIT : 100mm(4inch), 150mm(6inch)
Working Temperature: 0 to 60°C
Applicable Fluid: Water
Working Pressure(inlet): above 0 to 5 MPa
Shock Elimination Ability:

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