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Experience and Technology:

KANE automatic control valves represent over three quarters of a century of market experience. Our current knowledge spans many markets internationally and domestically, industrially and municipally. Our aggressive research and development programs have resulted in the design and production of technologically advanced products second to none. Every one of our customers find that our products consistently meet the challenges and needs of their complex and diverse water systems.

Superior Products:

Built for durability and reliable service, KANE Automatic Control Valves are made from the highest quality materials. By utilizing KANE's onsite foundry, we have the capability to provide a broad range of valve patterns and sizes in many different varieties of metals and grades, primarily in Bronze, but also in Stainless Steel. We also have the capability of producing valves that meet our customers' individual material requirements in materials such as ductile iron, aluminum, aluminum bronze, steel, Monel and Inconel. More importantly, our in-house manufacturing capability assures prompt delivery of the finest quality products to our customers. KANE products have earned a world-class reputation for quality that is maintained by our manufacturing process. Our manufacturing experts check the quality of every single one of our valves. Our Quality Control section then does a double-check to ensure our world-renowned quality standards are maintained.
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